About us

We are the ghost in the machine. We are the artists behind the design. We are the creative minds behind the show – and no one will ever know we exist. With decades of fashion design experience, we deliver incredible projects that will meet your needs, mood, and vibe. The moment you purchase a fashion design project from BAEBAE, we disappear – leaving you with all the credit, acclaim, and attention.

The team of designers and creative influencers behind BAEBAE, celebrity testimonials and expensive advertisements are meaningless. BAEBAE believes that empty endorsements from social influencers or paid reviews from sport stars are a waste of time, money, and trust. 

BAEBAE chooses not to play the faux validation game for one simple reason: We don’t need to. We have only one advertising arm at BAEBAE – and that is our design.

BAEBAE is committed to providing sustainable fashion and design that is befitting of the price tag. We skip the expensive testimonials and instead, spend that money on research and design to create the greatest product possible. In other words, with BAEBAE, you are getting the experience you have paid for.

At the end of the day, it comes down to one simple mission:  Create fashion that drives the experience.

BAEBAE is for the people, not for the clout.